Peer learning workshop in Portugal

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Peer learning workshop in Portugal

Peer Learning Workshop C1 “Transition from classic/neo-classic to contemporary dance models: definition and classification of the dance categories” was held in Portugal at Ca.Da. premises in the period 4 to 10 July 2021. Professionals from the consortium, dancers from the Ca.Da. School and external stakeholders had the amazing chance to work together sharing theoretical and practical sessions about the classic and contemporary language and training programs.

Taking in consideration the main aim of the project, the elaboration of a manual of good practices with the main guidelines for the dance professions selected, the JSTE explored the different approaches, techniques and practices traditionally referred to the classic / neoclassic or to the contemporary dance, exploring differences and similarities in the roles definition, in the dance practice, as well in the skills and competences the different professionals (dance, dance teacher, rehearsal director, choreographer) need to acquire/practice/strengthen. The JSTE followed a practical approach, where dancers and choreographers of the different partners led a dance lesson, sharing partners’ most relevant practices. Each session was followed by a common reflection on the project topics.

The JSTE was run according to the following schedule:

DAY 1 (5th July 2021) 1.30PM to 6.00PM: introduction to the workshop; Observation of ballet class for intermediate level students was presented by Raquel Tavares (Ca.DA); Observation of a contemporary warm-up class offered by Agnieszka Jachym (PDT); advanced ballet class offered by Azzurra Schena (BDR); shared discussion about ballet classes.

DAY 2 (6th July 2021) 10.00PM to 6.00PM: Warm-up ballet class was offered by Maria João Lopes (Ca.DA); discussion session on the competences expected from the contemporary dancer; Observation of contemporary class by Rita Judas (Ca.DA School) for intermediate level; Contemporary dance class offered by Jivko Jeliazkov (DDC) via zoom, with the assistance of Isabel Mitkova; open session on “Philosophy and pedagogic aims in European Dance schools”, was open via zoom to external stakeholders.

DAY 3 (7th July 2021) 10.00PM to 1.45PM: Warm-up contemporary class offered by Bruno Duarte & Luís Malaquias (Ca.DA); presentation by Susana Rosendo (Ca.DA School) about the theme “The experience of long-distance dance teaching”; open discussion among partners about contemporary classes and its main guidelines

DAY 4 (8th July 2021) 10.00PM to 5.30PM: warm-up class with Vincent Colomès (ICK Amsterdam); observation of Ca.DA’s  daily rehearsal in preparation for next performance in Italy: Excerpts from “Marvel”, by Luis Marrafa, and “SubRosa” by Bruno Duarte; observation of Street Dance/Sensorial Toolkit class attended by students of the 5th year of study in Ca.DA’s dance school, offered by Marley Braaf (ICK Amsterdam); discussion session on the role of the rehearsal director/repetiteur; contemporary class incorporating body awareness exercises offered by Emanuele Burrafato (BdR).

DAY 4 (8th July 2021) 11.15PM to 5.15PM: Discussion session among partners and participants about “Creativity in Dance Training”; observation of Creation Class offered by Emanuele Burrafato (BdR); closing, Reflection, & Evaluation Session.